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The Serendipity Foundation is the most important part of the success that the Serendipity group of companies has achieved over the past five years. Founders Rukshan Warnacula and Nabeel Shariff, with Ehsan Osmani joining the effort in 2015, rely on the foundation to remind themselves that supporting humanity is the reason why they wake up everyday to do what they do.

The foundation works in several countries, supporting local projects to help make a difference to communities who are struggling to make simple ends meet. Each project is close to one of the founders; there is a story behind how they found the need to support the project and this in turn means there is a personal interaction with the progress of the project. From building a roof over a school in Indonesia, to donating Christmas gifts to orphanages in Sri Lanka, the foundation is there to support projects which give children every chance to succeed and enjoy their childhood. We can all remember being a child, and the foundation believes every child should be given the same rights and opportunities, no matter where they are born.

To date, the foundation supports seven projects and is growing. Each project is supported through private donations and long term donors. Since their establishment in 2010, Serendipity Tailormade and Luxury Halal Travel donate £5 to the foundation for each passenger who books a holiday, so for example a family of four booking their summer holiday can help a child in Sri Lanka go to school for a month.

We welcome you to take some time to look through the projects we support. If you would like to make a one-off or regular donation, please visit our donation page here. Each of the founders are happy to provide any information about any of the projects you would like to know by visiting our contact page here.