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The foundation’s project in Indonesia supports the Khairiah Islamic Pre-School and Kindergarten, a wonderful project located in Timur, Indonesia.


This amazing school provides an education to children from the age of two to seven years old. The founder’s motivation for opening the school in 2005 was the poor conditions of the children living in the Jenangan district. Most of the children's parents work abroad so they live with their extended families. Due to this, the children are often left with little supervision and without any mental and spiritual education.

The school’s building is shaped like a house as it is intended to make the children feel comfortable learning in the comfort of their ‘own home.’ Although the project's founders and workers have done everything in their power to maintain a suitable learning facility, the structure of the building is starting to crumble.  Being an old house, the wooden roof foundations were already fragile, and numerous broken roof tiles allowed leaks in the school during the rainy season. In addition, the school's playing ground is also very dusty due to the effects of a volcanic eruption in 2014 which sent dangerous amounts of ash and dust into the air. The foundation therefore stepped in to support the school, including repairing fences, building a brand new roof and helping provide a suitable playground that is safe for the children.

School starts at 06.30am and finishes at 11.00am, giving the children enough time to play with their friends and teachers, but also receive the education they deserve. Prayers are a very important part of the school's daily activities, while reading and writing is also introduced at an early stage. The school uses the ‘classical individual’ method when teaching their students, allowing them to provide one-on-one help for those that are struggling. Teachers also go out of their way to teach the young pupils on how to make friends, how to eat and drink properly and personal hygiene.

The school also offers orphan children free education, with no school fees. 

Khairiah pre-school and kindergarten does not just offer a safe place for children to come and learn; they also strive to ensure that their students can have a normal school life as every child deserves. The school aims provide the proper education and knowledge a child must have, as well as teaching them how to be kind and friendly, a good Muslim, to socialise and provide a grounding for their future.