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Who are we

Rukshan Warnacula

Rukshan has a close affinity with the tropical island of Sri Lanka, his homeland. The island has given Rukshan a blessed childhood, growing up with the freedom to swim in beautiful lagoons, climb lush green hills in the highlands and enjoy the outdoor life. There were no consoles to keep him indoors, so his childhood was spent in nature’s garden which is something he remembers fondly.

Rukshan’s charismatic mother and inspirational late father have both motivated him to continue the amazing work they started many moons ago - to keep their legacy of working with marginalised communities who often feel ignored, and to provide basic necessities to make their everyday life that little bit easier. Rukshan’s latest objective is to provide the Ragama Hospital with a dialysis machine, as currently patients are required to be transferred to a larger hospital. The transfer time can mean a matter of life and death, purely due to the lack of equipment.

Nabeel Shariff

Nabeel, the founder of Serendipity Tailormade, spent much of his childhood travelling. His passion for travel has continued throughout his professional life which has taken him from Easter Island to Palawan. On his travels, Nabeel quickly realised that the world is full of inconsistencies and injustices. The lottery of where you are born determines your childhood, and inevitably your life path.

The island of Yao Noi is close to both Nabeel and his wife Asmaa who first visited in 2009. The island is home to a few hundred Muslim families, whose subsistent-style existance provides them with a sense of contentment. With limited resources, the island's children have just a couple of schools and a children’s centre. On recent visits, Nabeel and Asmaa have stocked up with books and learning material to donate to the schools, and the latest project is to help one of the schools with funding for basic necessities for the children.

Ehsan Osmani

Ehsan’s networking over the years has provided him with the opportunity to meet incredible people and inspirational individuals who have embarked on supporting local initiatives. One such initiative was when he met Naily and Haniya during his early career, and her work supporting a local school project in Timur, Indonesia. The Khairiah Islamic Pre-School and Kindergarten is a wonderful project giving educational services to children from the early age of two to seven years old.

As Ehsan puts it; how do you expect dreams to come true if you stop dreaming?